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Young entrepreneur brings his vision to life on BBC3

VISION: Creative entrepreneur Sebastian Thiel

“TO FRIENDS and Family, after years of hustling, I have finally done it!”

Those were the heartfelt words expressed by filmmaker Sebastian Thiel whose show Just a Couple is available to be streamed from today on BBC3.

Thiel, 26, has been a fervent operator in the world of film and television, toiling away and garnering experience.

HAPPY COUPLE: A scene from Just a Couple, featuring characters Mark and Shavon

His previous works include The Key, Trap Town, Illegal Activity, (Screen Nation award winner) Adots Apprentice, Friday UK and Fill Me In which was a Sundance competition finalist.

Just a Couple represents significant growth and recognition of his obvious talent.

The is a BBC Three short-form series about a millennial couple and the trials and tribulations they face in a modern world of social media, Netflix cheating and more as experienced by two young people who love each other.

The show is carried by lead characters Shavon Scantlebury and Mark Johnson, played by Frieda Thiel and Michael Salami respectively.

YOUNG LOVE: Actors Michael Salami, left and on-screen girlfriend Frieda Thiel

Mark seems to spend most of his time climbing out of holes he’s dug himself. He loves Shavon and wants to do the right thing. He just isn’t sure what that is. In contrast Shavon is strong, independent and doesn’t suffer fools. Except Mark.

She hates to love Mark. He’s everything her parents said she shouldn’t look for in a man, but she has a vision of what he could become; she sees his potential. He’s a project, like their relationship. Shavon likes a project.

In today’s first episode of six, Shav and Mark play a relationship quiz. It’s all fun and games until they both start to feel things might be getting a little too close for comfort. Should you ever really ask your boyfriend ‘what he would most like to change about you physically?’

An ardent student of his vocation and an all around affable person, The Voice Newspaper salutes Thiel, a young entrepreneur with a steadfast vision and commitment to delivering Just a Couple.

Watch the trailer for Just a Couple below:

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