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BAME students become Britain’s brightest

TOP SCORER: Michael Ogundimu

A GROUP of BAME students mentored by Professor Chris Imafidon have become the youngest GCSE students to pass with the highest grades in this years “new and improved” GCSE examinations.

Ali Mohamed was crowned the youngest in his borough to achieve the highest grade possible (Grade 9) for GCSE Maths and said "I was actually quite surprised to score so high and then receive the EIE Oxford Scholarship… I am over the moon.”

Fellow scholarship awardee Michael Ogundimu enjoys playing football and is a keen graded pianist but his dream is to become an engineer. He added that: "I really enjoy logic and playing maths games to solve problems. After I was given Mathematics Manual my who opinion of learning changed, it is a super simple guide that presents maths as simply a game of numbers".

Both Mohamed and Ogundimu aspire to become engineers and will be heading to Oxford University with Professor Imafidon in just a few weeks after winning the Excellence In Education's Oxford Scholarship program.

Their mentor, Professor Chris Imafidon, chair of the Board of Excellence in Education (EIE), said: “Using the EIE learning methodology, everyone can understand the fundamentals of any A-level, or GCSE subject in 21 days. This has been demonstrated by the examples of Peter and Paula Imafidon, who both now sing at Oxford University (Jesus College and Trinity College respectively) , passing GCSE exams at the age of 6 in 2006. Samantha who now works at Microsoft is another example. With the right tools, techniques and technology every student is a genius."

Professor Chris Imafidon, Chair of ExcellenceinEducation programme, who is a world renowned consultant to governments, presidents and leaders, congratulated all those who received their results.

He said: "EVERY single child is born a genius in one thing or another. Through a variety of games, questionnaires, fun activities and tools, has developed a method for detecting and developing such talents without the restriction of the traditional school curriculum.

"This is why most parents and teachers see these children as geniuses. So with the appropriate tools, techniques and technology with real mentoring EVERYONE can achieve greatness irrespective of gender, class, postcode etc".

Professor Imafidon, has taught at Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard and believes that the current formal school system is hopelessly inadequate in bringing out the best from our children.