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"We’re getting ready for university"

HAPPY AND PROUD: (from left to right); Our Lady Convent High School’s students Socheima Onyenemelu, Lady-Namera Ejaimike, Nancy Adimora, Kerry Culvert and Keziah Arthur

FIVE STUDENTS are celebrating after excelling in their A Levels at Our Lady’s Convent High School in Hackney in east London.

The five, Nancy Adimora, Lady-Namera Ejaimike, Kerry Culbert, Keziah Arthur and Sochima Onyenemelu, have amassed 10 A-levels, namely eight As and two A*s.

“I am very happy! This means I will be going to Queen Mary University where my sister is already studying,” said Nancy, who got three As.

She, along with the other four students, are part of the school’s student leadership team, its student council. Nancy is school captain while the others are vice captains.

The other students are also university bound. Keziah who got three A*s said: “I feel like I’m floating. It’s good to know all my hard work paid off. I’ve been accepted at Sussex to study Psychology.”

Many students at Clapton Girls’ Technology College have also received straight As, securing places at universities such as Bristol and King’s College in London.
Among them is Victoria Kehinde, who secured an A* in maths and an A in chemistry and biology. She said: “I’m delighted with these results and weighing up my options now. Because I did so well in Maths, I might do this now instead of neuroscience.”

Temitope Ibitoye got an A*, an A and a B in Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, said she is going to study neuro-science at Kings College.

She said: “I’m so pleased with my results. I got an A* in my favourite subject Psychology. I’m so pleased that I also got an A in Biology as that exam paper was so hard.”