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100 Black Men of London

The 100 Black Men of London is a charity dedicated to the education, development and uplifting of our youth and the wider community. We are a chapter of the 100 Black Men International Inc, an organisation first created in New York in 1963 by a group of concerned African American men determined to bring about positive change in their local community. Our membership comprises men of African or Caribbean heritage. Our volunteer base consists of men and women of diverse backgrounds, professions, skills and interests. The 100 Black Men of London was founded and exists to provide what we see as a crucial service to the people what we see as a crucial service to the people of London. Governments and institutions all have their part to play in the advancement and development of communities, but we strongly believe that it is when individuals within the community themselves come together to fight for a common cause that true progress is mad and achieved.
Posted: 02/07/2011

Contact Details

0870 121 4100


Our youth mentoring programme is a year structured series of module. During the year, we address topics like self-identity, self-esteem, peer influence, drugs and alcohol, gang and violence and goal-setting. These programmes are for girls and boys aged between 10 and 15 years old. We are about the launch our 2010/11 term. It is important that children are enrolled at the beginning of the term in order to get full benefit from the programme. So act now in order to avoid having to wait till next year to get in.

We will hold 2 Open Days, one for South London (30th October) and North London (13th November). During these days, you can find out more about 100 Black Men and about our mentoring programmes.

Parents Forum. This is a brand new programme. We seek to bring parents together and will deliver speakers, information and the space to discuss topics like; - the Difference Between Raising Boys and Girls; Social Networking; Parenting Sex; Successful Single-Parenting and Staying Engaged With Your Child’s Education. This programme will also be subject of the Open Days.

See the poster below for details of the venues for the Open days or contact us at or telephone 0870 121 4100 or e-mail