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Cook & Partners Solicitor

Who we are and what we do: We are a team of lawyers experienced in both England and Jamaica and at home in either jurisdiction. We specialise in helping people in the UK who have property-related legal business in the Caribbean. As well as our office in London we have a base in Kingston, better to serve customers in both countries.
Posted: 10/07/2013

Contact Details

241 Lower Addiscombe Road
Croydon, Surrey
England, CR0 6RD
020 8655 4466
020 8656 7755

Buying and Selling
Surveys and Valuations
Land Registration
Realtors (Estate Agents)
Property Management
Making a Will
Inheritance and Probate
Family Land
Birth/Marriage/Death documentation

If you would like to email us an outline of your problem, we will try to respond within 48 hours, Monday to Friday.

We also offer COMPLETELY FREE advice on any matter relating to Caribbean property law up to 45 minutes per visit.

Call or email us to arrange this: we may need to see documents you have, or copies of them, before we can help.

241 Lower Addiscombe Road
Croydon Surrey

Tel: 020 8655 4466
Fax: 020 8656 7755