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Dalton Harris opens up about homelessness and abuse

PICTURED: Dalton Harris (Screengrab: ITV/YouTube)

DALTON HARRIS has spoken out about how his troubled childhood and early adult life which included abuse and a period of homelessness.

The X Factor contestant, who has been consistently impressing judges with his vocal talent week after week, has revealed that he lived a life of poverty before appearing on the show.

Harris, who is from Jamaica, grew up sharing two rooms with five siblings and other lodgers.

The abuse he suffered in childhood left him with scars at the bottom of his feet, up his body and on his head, he told The Mirror.

"There are more on my chest, arm, shoulder, back, thighs, legs and feet. I was punched so hard by a guy dating my mum I crashed through a window,” he said.

As well as being beaten, Harris grew up very poor.

“We never had electricity. Sometimes we couldn’t afford food. We brought water from the river. But it didn’t make me angry.

“Mornings were green and fresh, the sun had the brightest shine. We were poor but happy,” he told the publication.

He also ended up homeless and spent time sleeping rough aged just 15.

Harris’ upbringing has been somewhat of a driving force for his ambition to succeed. So much so, The X Factor isn’t his first time on a national talent show.

Before coming to the UK, Harris won a singing competition in Jamaica.

“In 2011 I won a national talent show and one million Jamaican dollars, which is around £6,000.

“That helped me pay rent and go to school,” he told The Mirror.

In spite of his tough early life and the hurdles he’s faced on his journey, the 24-year-old has remained dedicated to becoming achieving his dreams of becoming a singer.

This determination has had a lasting effect on his body – evidenced by his misshapen ears.

“They changed shape when I was 18. I’m a workaholic and both my ears got inflamed from using headphones all the time.

"I’d listen to music and fall asleep in the them. I had surgery but my ears are music marks and remind me how hard I worked.”

His hard work has paid off. Harris has made it through to the final and is tipped to win the competition.

The X Factor next airs on ITV on Saturday at 7.30pm

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