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Mel B accused of blowing fortune during divorce case hearing


MEL B was accused of squandering her Spice Girls fortune during a hearing held as part of her divorce case on Friday (Jun 30).

The singer, is currently fighting estranged husband Stephen Belafonte in the courts as their bitter divorce rumbles on.

On Friday, Mel appeared in a court in Los Angeles, where she faced film producer Stephen, the father of her youngest daughter Madison, five.

As well as accusing Stephen of emotional and physical abuse, Mel also has to deal with a huge tax bill she and her ex racked up.

Grace Jamra, representing Stephen, told the court that as the former couple led an "extravagant and affluent" lifestyle, Mel has "wiped out all her Spice Girls money - approximately $50 million (£38.3 million), if not more".

Jacalyn Davis, representing Mel, said the pair's joint income "was being spent and then some".

"In this marriage, that would be Miss Brown's income from the Spice Girls," she said. "Prickly things happen when the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) doesn't get paid."

Last week, Mel argued that Stephen was asking for too much money in spousal support after he initially requested $4,300 (£3,375) a month for food and groceries.

He asked for an additional $2,000 (£1,569) per month for clothing and $11,000 (£8,634) per month to spend on housing.

Mel claimed that Stephen took his full wardrobe when he moved out of the marital home and that he is currently living with friends so doesn't need the money for rent.

Mel, who is also the mother to daughters Phoenix and Angel, filed for divorce in March 2017.

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