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Mr. Play recaps Fresh Island Festival 2019

FRESH ISLAND: Young B and Mr. Play

IT WAS all about Fresh Island Festival out in Croatia this past week, and yours truly was repping it for the UK and Brixton town! Big up my boy Phat Phillie the promoter and his crew for growing this event every year making it bigger and better! It was a pleasure to be invited out again this year to DJ - the weather, the people and the vibes were lively.

Too many names to mention came out to perform - Gunna, Stefflon Don, Afro B, Burna Boy plus more! I caught up with Afro B and Young B backstage…watch this space, great things are coming..!

PICTURED: Mr. Play and Afro B

Overall, it was a sick festival, despite the forest fire and luckily no one was hurt or injured. Unfortunately, Tyga didn’t get to perform because of it, but the main thing was that everyone remained safe! Check out Fresh Island in 2020, I can’t wait - it’s set to be epic!

This week, I checked in with multi-talented artist and producer Teknical Development IS who has his new track Speak What You Want dropping August 4. Plus I love his advice for aspiring artists: “Build some structured relationships with your peers and industry people. Always be open to travel, live, a must do.”

Find out more below:

Q: Who’s is Teknical Development IS?

A: A north London-born poet/emcee. ½ of Obba Supa, ⅓ of group Man Of Booom, ¼ of group Omniverses. First release with Obba Supa To:AM/Free:AM in 2009. Since then been consistently releasing music as a single artist and part of groups.

Q: Tell us about your last music release?

A: My current track is Speak What You Want from The 8 Volume 5 (prod by El Jazzy Chavo) releases August 4 on Dezi-Belle Records. Fifth EP from the eight series to be released. The video for Speak What You Want can be watched on my YouTube channel.

Strictly 4 All is my latest LP.‘ The Terradome’ ‘Move with us’ ‘ Build Together’ ‘Memories and Flowers are the current singles/videos out along with the full LP on vinyl and digital formats. LP produced by Figub Brazlevic.

Q: Tell us more about your latest LP - Strictly 4 All??

A: Strictly 4 All LP is my latest works produced by Figub Brazlevic.The foundation of the album is both lyrical and musical. A meeting of styles Hip-Hop based and heavily inspired by Jazz and always heavy drums. There was no formula to the project, we just went in and started it.

I had a lot on my mind at the time and the album started to build from that. I speak on personal issues and experiences along with my perspective on topics such as mental health, world, and social issues, the music industry. The structure of the songs are not directly set to such topics but with every song I feel there is something within to spark some thought further into the matter, be it your own experiences or the other.

Q: What’s inspired your journey in music and your style/genre ?

A: My journey has been inspired by creating and knowing I am able to create. Literature and poetry was my main inspiration to start writing. Hip Hop music showed me that there is the ability for us to express through words and sounds as free and heavy as I want. A channeling point for my artistry. My style is lyrical and poetry first. My lyrics are written in a way that I don’t rhyme to often and adapt the writing to the sound. I think over the years this has become my natural way and I do not structure my verses around the sound.

When I record it is what it is. The genre of my music is mixed, really depends what mode I am in. For example check out Obba Supa latest project. The Black Rainbow Effect. There is a big difference in the sound and actual intensity of the music. Much heavier with a totally different soundscape.

Q: What’s your upcoming plans?

A: My upcoming plans are to remain consistent with my music and to always continue touring with the music. I have a new EP coming out this year called The 8 (volume 5). This is will be the fifth EP out of the series of 8. Volume 1 was released in 2016 and is an EP collection. Each volume has eight songs made by the same producer. By the end there will be eight projects eight different producers for each. That’s the eight project.

Q: What advice do you have for aspiring artists and musicians?

A: My only advice is to be yourself.. Try to figure out what makes you motivated. Do not try and invest in being something your not or do not feel comfortable doing, Be very clear in what you want to project with your art. There are many questions asked but I can honestly suggest taking some time out in the quiet and listen to what inside has to say and if it resonates with making you happy, go for it.

Always check your team, the faces around you, the personalities, pros and cons. Do not be afraid to ask for help or advice when you need it. Learn how the process of the industry works and can be. Do not hesitate to look into being more independent. There are many platforms you can join for free and have your music heard or your videos watched as a start off platform, but do not get caught up in the “how many views, streams and numbers game”. Build some structured relationships with your peers and industry people. Always be open to travel live, a must do.

Q: Where can we follow your movement and listen to your music?

A: You can find more Teknical
► Spotify:
► Instagram:

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