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Woman 'laid like dead body’ during alleged rape, court hears

ON TRIAL: Oritse Williams

ORITSE WILLIAMS court case is official underway and today a woman has said she lay “like a dead body” during the alleged rape.

The court heard that Williams “jumped on” a woman after a concert in Wolverhamption in December 2016. However, the 32-year-old has pleaded not guilty to the rape while co-defendent, his manager Jamien Nagadhana, denied assault by penetration.

Prosecutors at Wolverhampton Crown Court said the woman - who can not be identified - and her two friends met the pair at a nightclub after the gig.

Opening the case, Miranda Moore QC said after one of the women "blacked out" and had to be put in a taxi home, while the alleged rape victim and her other friend went back to the hotel with Williams and his Nagadhana.

Describing how the woman had later returned without her friend to look for her mobile, Ms Moore said: "Once she was back in the room - she had to knock on the door - Mr Williams effectively jumped on her.

"He picked her up and pushed her down on the double bed. She had already made it clear that she didn't want to have sex with him. All she thought was 'I don't want this to happen'."

In a video interview with police, which was played to the jury, the complainant said she had been swearing and telling Williams to stop during the alleged attack.

At one point, she said she had "laid down like a dead body" because she just wanted it to stop.

She said: "I was quite scared. I felt more pathetic, if that makes sense. I felt just worthless."

According to the Standard, Moore said a hotel worker had remembered the two women as being "spaced out and zombified" and also described them as being "not properly with it".

Williams was interviewed by police following his arrest and told them that the women wanted to go back to the hotel, the court heard.

"I'm the artist. I think both of them, they both kind of wanted to be involved with me in some degree,” he told police during his account

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